Facts & Findings Editorial and Article Submission Information

If you would like to submit an article for consideration by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board, send the article, contact information, and an author bio to editor@nala.org

Editorial Board

NALA members,  who are volunteer paralegals, serve on the Editorial Board for this magazine to ensure its timeliness and relevance of articles to working paralegals. Members of the Editorial Board are also members of the NALA Continuing Education Council. The Chair of the Continuing Education Council also serves as the editor of Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital.

Article Submission

The Facts & Findings Editorial Board would be happy to review your article! Before submitting the article, please take a moment to review the Editorial Guidelines.  All articles are reviewed by the board before a publication decision is made. Publishing and editorial decisions are based on the editors' judgment of the writing, timeliness of the article, and the interest of the readers.

From the Editorial Board

A Note about Articles Submitted by Vendors
Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital welcomes educational articles by all vendors. Articles must not have been previously published in publications serving the legal market. All articles are reviewed and selected for publication by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board. The Board selects articles on the basis of timeliness, appeal to paralegals, and demonstration of how the product or service provides solutions to problems encountered by paralegals such as last-minute filings or failure of equipment. The article should also discuss how the use of a product or service increases the value of paralegal services to firms or employers. If an article is selected for publication, the Editorial Board will schedule the issue in which the article will appear. Scheduling includes the article’s fit with other articles in a particular issue. The Editorial Board will also communicate with authors about any revisions needed to conform to Facts & Findings style and space considerations. 
If you would like to submit an article for consideration by the Facts & Findings Editorial Board, send the article and an author bio to Greta Zeimetz, CAE.