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Standard display advertising is available for vendors seeking access to the paralegal market. NALA is the nation’s leading association for paralegals, representing more than 18,000 paralegals through individual membership and approximately 90 state and local affiliated paralegal associations. There are 7,000 subscribers to the magazine, and an additional 500 issues are sent as promotions for each issue of Facts & Findings. Members and subscribers are paralegals, legal administrators, legal educators and others concerned with the paralegal career field. They often are authorized to purchase or recommend purchases of products and services for their offices. “Slick” production values place Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital in the top quality magazine category, yet advertisers can enjoy this opportunity-rich environment at rates well below typical display advertising in other magazines.

Facts & Findings is available in print and digital format in March, May, September and November. Facts & Findings Digital is available in digital format only in January and July. View our 2019 Advertising & Exhibiting Opportunities guide or contact Bill Spilman for more information. 


Articles in Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital are protected by copyright of NALA and may also be copyright protected by the author. Reprint permission should be obtained for all articles.  To obtain permission, contact NALA