The Ultimate Sacrifice – What Will Your Legacy Be: 
Heather Heyer and Her Impact on the Paralegal Profession

By Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP

Heather Heyer is considered a hero by many. If you do not know her name, you should, especially as a paralegal. A simple Google search of her name will lead you to about 1,150,000 results, one of those being Wikipedia. How many paralegals do you know on Wikipedia?

Ethics is a branch of philosophy concerned with how humans should live, and what should be considered right and wrong. The word originates from the ancient Greek word “ethos,” but the concept is said to be much older, with every society possessing its own code of ethics, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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NALA Affiliate Award - Nomination Form

Purpose: To recognize members or committees of Affiliated Associations for their contribution to the goals and programs of their NALA Affiliated Association. 

Eligibility for Nomination: A member of an Affiliated Association in good standing (current NALA Board and committee members are eligible).

  • Who can nominate: NALA Affiliated Association in good standing may designate one recipient each year
  • Deadline to submit nomination: May 1
  • Award benefits: Recognition during Affiliated Association Annual Meeting at Conference.

Judging Criteria:  
Determined by Affiliated Association but examples for guidance:

  1. Assist with and organize CP study groups
  2. Work with bar associations on behalf of the paralegals in the area
  3. Plan educational programs 
  4. Develop a pro bono or other community involvement program for the affiliate
Short Description
Please provide a short description of the contributions of the candidate to the NALA Affiliated Association. Descriptive information must be provided in paragraph form with a maximum of 200-240 words.
To be signed/submitted by the Association President (or any other member of the association's board of directors). On behalf of the above named NALA Affiliated Association, I submit this nomination form.