CP Review: Real Estate & Property

CP Review: Real Estate & Property

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This session will assist those taking the Certified Paralegal (“CP”) Exam review for the real estate and property component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam. Our review will begin with bedrock concepts of real estate law that were formed as early as Europe’s feudal era through the development of modern principles and practices. We will examine basic ownership rights and other real property interests such as estates, landlord and tenant rights, easements, and restrictions.   

This course will cover real estate purchase and sale transactions and other methods of obtaining interests in real property. Attendees will become acquainted with documentation such as purchase contracts, leases, deeds, mortgages, and liens. Due diligence topics such as title insurance and survey will be reviewed.

Upon completion of this session, participants will understand the fundamentals of real estate and property law and will be familiar with the essential elements of real estate transactions.   

Eva Merrell, ACP