Julian Perez

With over three years of experience in legal video Julian Perez has participated in over 300 depositions and dozens of trials, providing video and presentation support for all. Currently, Julian is the longest standing member of the video department in Orange’s main office.

Within Orange, Julian has played an instrumental role in developing new video services to increase the visual appeal of litigation proceedings. His contributions have ranged from hardware and technology packaging, to assist in recording and displaying, to post-production editing services which allow more cleanly flowing and easy to follow playbacks.

Julian has great passion for presentation and how to influence perception. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in December of 2015 with a dual bachelor in both Psychology and Sociology. While at UCF he participated in many research projects and studies ranging from studying attention and how to amplify it, to strengths and effectiveness of priming on influencing impressions.

Julian strives to become one of the leading researchers in the field of influencing perception and strives to educate others on how to enhance their abilities to affect impressions given during professional presentations.