Candidate 2021: Debra Overstreet, ACP

Candidate for the office of Vice President: Debra Overstreet, ACP

Question: What are three values you think you demonstrate as a leader? Take each trait and explain how that value would add benefit to your service on the NALA Board.

Candidate Response: I believe that I demonstrate three important leadership values - courage, character, and commitment. I think back to my formative training and that received through my involvement with NALA. My formative involvement with 4-H, Future Farmers of America, student council, and sports, provided me the foundation to be aware of the needs of others and be a team player. My years of service to my community and to NALA, as well as the mentoring received throughout the years, has instilled in me these valuable traits. 

As a leader, you must have the mental strength – the courage – to make hard decisions. Serving an organization, I have learned that you must set aside your personal feelings and make decisions that are the best for the organization and its members. Setting aside personal feelings does not mean that I am a follower. I have the courage to voice my opinion but am also not afraid to admit when I am incorrect. As a member of the NALA Board of Directors, you are part of a team. A team must be united in its decisions and speak with one voice. 

My second strength as a leader is character.  NALA’s Board of Directors is comprised of people from all different backgrounds and experiences. Is imperative that we be of unquestionable character in not only our personal lives, but in our representation of NALA and our profession. A person’s character should shine through in your actions and words. My strength of character is directly attributed to my parents and their belief that you do what is right, not what is easiest. We make choices every day. It is how you come to your decisions and follow through that make you who you are. You may not be successful at everything you attempt, but you learn from the experience and continuing moving forward. 

My third strength that is a benefit to service on the NALA Board of Directors is commitment. My passion for the paralegal profession and NALA is what has driven me to serve not only NALA but my affiliated associations. When I commit to an organization or a project, I give 100% of my time and talents. NALA has been a vital part of the success of my professional career, and I feel my passion and commitment to the continued success of NALA is a valuable leadership trait.