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Certified Paralegal CLE Credit Reporting Form

This form is only for use by CLAs or CPs in order to provide evidence of the CLE hours required to maintain the CP credential. 

The Certifying Board reserves the right to adjust CLE submissions in accordance with the current CLE requirements. To ensure the accuracy of CLE entries, the NALA Certifying Board reserves the right to audit credit submissions by requesting all backup documentation. If you are selected for an audit, all backup documentation must be provided to NALA Headquarters within 60 days of notice of the audit. A CP who fails to submit satisfactory evidence of attendance or completion of a CLE event or course within sixty (60) days of the date of the audit notice is subject to discipline as set forth in the Rules for Disciplinary Proceedings published by NALA. The NALA Certifying Board has the right to refuse to grant CLE credit if documentation is requested and cannot be provided.

Note: Do not complete this form if you are requesting CLE to be awarded for special experiences, such as college courses, teaching, presentations given, extensive research, or training sessions involved in volunteer activities. CLE hours cannot be awarded for work activities, service on a NALA Board, or volunteer service. 


  • When counting hours for a seminar or workshop, count only the actual hours of legal instruction that qualify for credit. No credit will be given for lunch, breaks, registration, and social periods.
  • ACP shall maintain satisfactory evidence of attendance or completion of a CLE event or course, for which credit has not been confirmed, for a minimum of one year from the date of acknowledgment of the credit by NALA. Acknowledgment shall be evidenced by NALA posting the credit as "unconfirmed" on the CP's CLE record.
Contact Information
Home/business mailing addresses are not required as contact information is already on file in NALA's records. If you have changed or will be changing your address, e-mail, or phone numbers, please use the Send a Change of Address link at the bottom of this page to provide NALA with your new information.
Course Information
Enter the location of the event. If it was online, please enter online.
CLE Provider Information

In the fields below, enter the appropriate amount of credit being requested for each category listed. Quarter and half-hour decimals may be used as long as the program is at least one hour (e.g., 6.25, 4.50).

Legal education hours only
Law-related hours such as law office management, computer courses, mediation training, etc. Limit of 10 hours per five-year period.
Must be designated as Ethics hours in a legal or law-related event. Five hours of legal ethics are required during each five-year period.

I hereby attest that I have read the CLE requirements to maintain the CP credential. I attended the above listed event and the hours entered are true and accurate. I understand that inaccurate or falsification of CLE hours entered could result in no credit awarded and/or disciplinary actions including suspension or revocation of my certification. I also understand the NALA Certifying Board reserves the right to review and/or adjust entries as needed in accordance with the CLE requirements.

By typing your name above and clicking submit you are agreeing to the provisions of this attestation and indicating your understanding of its provisions.