American Legal System

American Legal System

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$50.00 for Members and $75.00 for Nonmembers
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Each module contains audio/text lecture with slides to illustrate lecture points. A test covering module lecture is at end of each module; a course test reviewing module discussions is available upon completion of all modules. Includes full glossary.

The American Legal System provides course participants with a general overview of the system of law in the United States. Through a series of 4 modules, students will work through text and questions covering the following modules:

  1. Basic terminology, sources of law, classifications of law. 
  2. The United States Constitution, history and major provisions; Relationship between state and federal governments 
  3. Enforcement of the law. A review of the court system, including concepts such as jurisdiction, venue and how courts are created. 
  4. Limitations on judicial decision making, including constitutional limitations, statutes of limitations, res judicata and immunity. 

Upon completion of this course, participants should be familiar with and understand: the common law system differences between state and federal systems differences between criminal and civil liability and classifications of crimes sources of law including primary and secondary law history of the U.S. Constitution, its functions and limitations major provisions and amendments to the U.S. Constitution structure of the federal court system jurisdiction of federal and state courts judicial decision making differences between law and equity courts and remedies available.