Eligibility Requirements for Applicants

The NALA Certified Paralegal exam format consists of two sections, Knowledge and Skills. The Knowledge Exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions and the Skills Exam is an essay. Successful completion of both exam sections is required to obtain the CP credential. In order to apply for the CP Program, a paralegal must first be eligible. Once an applicant has been approved they will then proceed with taking the CP exam. 

To determine if you are eligible to take the CP exam, please select the category that best applies to you:


Learn more about CP Examinee Eligibility.


NOTE: The application form must be completed. All supporting documentation required to complete the Certified Paralegal examination application form may be e-mailed to testing@nala.org. Documentation includes official school transcripts, attorney attestations, and payment. Incomplete applications are subject to rejection. The documentation required varies based on the category of qualifications, as outlined.