25% OFF NALA Online Continuing Education


We hope you are keeping safe and have been able to successfully follow through with your community’s social distancing recommendations. We are in unprecedented times and NALA understands that many of you are working from home, managing reduced hours, or are experiencing a furlough or layoff. As a positive opportunity during downtime, we have made all our online NALA education opportunities* available to you at a 25% discount through April 30, 2020. If you are a NALA Member, login to your NALA account and select from any of the links below to register and pay for your education of choice. The discounted rate will be automatically applied upon registration. You may purchase as many courses or webinars as you wish at the discounted rate. You will have one year from the purchase date to complete them.

You can select from:


Don’t forget if you are an Active Type Member you may use your $80 gift certificate. You also have complimentary access to the Leadership Basics course and a number of personal development on-demand webinars including, Dealing with Difficult People, Managing Stress in a Turbulent World, and The Science of Living in Balance.

If you are not an Active Type Member but would like to receive these additional benefits, please contact us at 918.587.6828 or nalanet@nala.org.

* Discounts do not apply to bundled courses or webinars.