The LEAP Program

The LEAP Program is a 12-month leadership course for NALA Members. 

The LEAP Program is currently underway for 2015-2016, with a new group of cohorts starting this fall. This fall, we will launch a newly revised LEAP Program. 

In general, LEAP provides NALA members with the knowledge and skills to become better leaders - whether within NALA and an affiliated association or within their community volunteer work. 

More information coming soon!



"Networking may be the most undervalued benefit of membership in NALA.  It is more than just meeting new people and getting together with old friends. It involves the energy that surges through working with others toward a common goal. It includes the growth of leadership skills that comes from watching and working with NALA leaders. It includes the opportunity to promote the paralegal profession, and it includes true friends you can depend upon in a crisis." -Rhonda D., ACP

"Hard work notwithstanding, the fulfillment I have felt from my participation cannot be overstated. An important benefit is that I have become more confident in my work."  -Margaret C. , ACP

"How can I help but support an association when its members, board members and officers have always supported me?"  -Tina K. ACP