Working with Deaf Clients

Working with Deaf Clients

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Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides

A lady walks into your law office.  She raises her hand in greeting and smiles. She hands you a note and it reads “I am Deaf. I want lawyer”.  It is clear that she wants legal assistance. What do you do?

This on-demand webinar will teach you how to communicate with a deaf client, from the initial contact through the initial consultation. You will learn how deaf people communicate – not only with each other, but also with the hearing world.  Deaf Americans talk to each other using American Sign Language (ASL), their primary form of communication. To talk to a hearing person, the deaf use a variety of strategies, including interpreters, translators and technological devices. This course will provide an overview of American Sign Language, information about resources available to legal professionals who serve the deaf, and actual demonstration of communication devices. Effective communication tips will be offered on what to do before the initial consultation and well as how to conduct the first meeting with a deaf client. The primary course objective is to provide insight into the communication needs of a deaf person and how to overcome the language barrier so that legal professionals can provide effective communication in a comfortable and knowledgeable manner.

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