Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

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Experience dealing with clients & working with governmental entities. Knowledge of hearing process, torts/contracts, practice/procedure forms, internet research, public records research, federal/state civil procedure & statutes of limitations.
$250 for Members and $300 for Nonmembers
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Each module contains an audio/text lecture with slides to illustrate the lecture points. A test covering the module lecture is at the end of each module. The course features a full glossary.

This APC course is for those currently assisting claimants in the Social Security Disability claims process; those who want to refresh and calibrate their existing skills and knowledge; and for those interested in working within this process and the opportunities it provides. 

The course covers the terminology, ethics, representation requirements, administrative structure, processes, and common activities encountered in the social security disability claims process. It also examines the decision-making process used by administrative law judges to award or deny social security disability claims.

The course objectives are as follows. Those who complete this course should be able to:

  • Define the terms and acronyms frequently encountered in the social security disability claims process
  • Define the role of the representative in the claims process and the requirements for representation
  • Describe the social security disability claims process and the documentation, persons, and entities involved throughout
  • Describe the criteria used in determining the award or denial of a disability claim
  • Describe how claimant’s testimony, medical documentation, and work history are used to support the limitation criteria used in the claim ruling
  • Describe how the inconsistencies in testimony, documentation, and work history can be addressed
  • Describe the components of preparation, presentation, and presence to effectively represent a claimant
  • Identify what considerations should be taken by a representative when deciding to accept a claimant as a client

The text for course modules is from Social Security Disability and the Legal Professional, 1st Edition, (c) 2003., by Jeffrey Scott Wolfe and Lisa B. Proszek, Attorney at Law.  Text is reprinted with permission of Delmar Learning, a division of Thomson Learning,, fax 800-370-2215.