So the Plaintiff's on Medicare

So the Plaintiff's on Medicare

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Over the last few years, Medicare has inserted itself into the personal injury claims process at every turn. Clients, insurers, even medical providers now must consider Medicare’s interest or face dreaded penalties. It’s made just about everyone paranoid about settling a case no matter who you represent. 

Plaintiff’s attorneys are worried about Medicare coming at them years after the claim has resolved. Defendant’s attorneys are constantly reminded that insurers face stiff fines if Medicare doesn’t get paid back. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

This course is designed to bring a little order to the chaos. Step-by-step, you will be taken through each point when Medicare becomes relevant in the claims resolution process, and be given strategies to keep Medicare from impeding an efficient resolution. Answers to questions like:

  • When should the claim be reported to Medicare? 
  • Can/should it only be done by the claimant?
  • How do I know if Medicare paid for claim related treatment?
  • What are the differences between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans pre & post settlement?
  • Who has exposure if Medicare isn’t reimbursed? What are the penalties and defenses?
  • How do I prove Medicare didn’t pay for anything claim related?
  • Which side is responsible for protecting Medicare’s future interest? Where do our interests align? Can both sides work together to deal with the issue of MSAs?
  • How are the federal courts coming down on these issues?

This and more will be addressed in the presentation and materials provided by Steven Shaw of

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