Shovel Ready? Digging into Transactional Due Diligence

Shovel Ready? Digging into Transactional Due Diligence

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The deal that has landed in your inbox might look just the same as the last half-dozen, or it might be an entirely new industry or deal structure. Either way, an organized approach to due diligence will help you best serve your client by being both thorough and efficient. This course will cover best practices for doing the digging that is required for a successful and thoughtful transactional practice, and for responding from the seller’s side to requests for documentation and information.

In the due diligence phase of a transaction, paralegals will be faced with large quantities of legal, financial, and operational information. They will be called upon to analyze large quantities of information within the context of the proposed transaction. The purchaser will want to keep the deal moving forward, avoiding any surprises. The seller will want to see the transaction closed as soon as possible.

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