Personal Injury - Core Course

Personal Injury - Core Course

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Knowledgeable in Federal Rules of Civil Procedure/Evidence, statutes of limitations/repose, burden of proof, damages/remedies, insurance policies/subrogation, practice/procedure forms, POA, release/consent, liens, agency, witness statements/affidavits.
$300 for Members and $350 for Nonmembers - Includes ONE course from the eight PI practice area courses.
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Each module contains an audio/text lecture with slides to illustrate the lecture points. A test covering the module lecture is at the end of each module. The course features a full glossary.

The PI Core Course is required for any successful completion in a PI Practice Area course. Upon successful completion of the PI Core Course and one PI Practice Area course gives a certificate of completion in the Practice Area. Upon successful completion of the PI Core Course and all 8 PI Practice Area courses gives a certificate of completion in Personal Injury.

This course combines substantive and procedural personal injury law with the essential steps and elements of pursuing or defending a claim for personal injury damages - from client intake and case evaluation to settlement or trial. The core course reviews:

  • The essential elements of a personal injury case: parties, liabilities, damages, forms, documents, and witnesses;
  • Obtaining police, medical, and employment records necessary for calculation and proof of liability and damages;
  • Locating, retaining and preparing experts and their reports for case evaluation, assistance, and trial testimony;
  • Gathering information and preparing settlement proposals and demands; and
  • Preparing and presenting witnesses, exhibits, and documentation to support or defend a case at trial.