Motivating Employees to be Their Best

Motivating Employees to be Their Best

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We recommend that you take the Leadership Basics course prior to taking this course.
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As a manager, if you can create the appropriate climate that fosters positive feelings and eliminates obstacles, then employees will be intrinsically motivated. The three elements of this type of climate are community, influence, and openness. Therefore, this program is about providing the skills and techniques you will need to help groups develop a sense of community, to acquire influence over their work-related actions, and to enjoy the openness of shared information and feelings.

After successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify major factors that affect motivation.
  • Apply dialog and listening skills that model community, influence, and openness.
  • Take specific actions to foster trust within a group.
  • Model the concept of accountability.
  • Identify inhibitors to fostering group commitment and passion.
  • Teach a four-step process designed to help groups learn from mistakes. 
  • Encourage group initiative-taking.
  • Create a group culture of ownership and accountability.
  • Identify and apply strategies for dealing with outside pressures that negatively affect motivation.
  • Identify and apply strategies for dealing with systems and policies that negatively affect group esteem.
  • Match or tailor your leadership style to various employees’ motivational preferences.
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