Mobile Forensics - An In-Depth Introduction

Mobile Forensics - An In-Depth Introduction

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Everyone has a cell phone and most of us use our phone for more than just phone calls. Are you overlooking this landmine source of evidence in your cases? Whether you handle probate cases, family law or civil litigation, you will want to learn how mobile forensics can help you gather information that affects all types of cases.

John Akerman is a licensed attorney and expert who works on cases across the country where he retrieves data from these mobile devices (and other electronic sources). This relatively new source of discovery brings with it a host of challenges and considerations for today’s legal practitioners. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about the evidence these devices hold, the deleted evidence that you never knew could be recovered, essential processes for protecting the evidence from the first day you have the case, and some helpful tips for anyone who uses a mobile phone.

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