Jury Nullification

Jury Nullification

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This on-demand webinar presents a study of the concept of “jury nullification” or “jury pardon” in the United States legal system.  It includes:

  • A general overview of the history and development of the jury system
  • An examination of the concept of the jury pardon in criminal cases
  • An examination of rules which limit the effects of jury nullification
  • An examination of arguments for and against the role of jury nullification
  • A discussion of the concept of jury nullification as it applies to civil jury cases

Jury nullification generally occurs when jurors disregard the law and/or evidence in returning a verdict. There is debate as to whether jury nullification is good, bad or moral.  However, every legal professional, especially those involved in criminal and civil litigation must be aware of the concept of jury nullification and its impact on the outcome of the proceedings.  Jury nullification has a long history where a jury can determine that a specific law applied to a specific situation is fundamentally unfair and its application will lead to injustice.  Having these concepts in mind will assist in trial preparation and jury selection strategies.

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