Family Law - Division of Property and Spousal Support

Family Law - Division of Property and Spousal Support

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Familiar with US/State Constitutions, State/Federal Legislation, judgments, damages & remedies, internet research, Federal/State Civil Procedure, statutes of limitations, basic torts/contracts, basic family law, practice/procedure forms, & trial practice.
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This course concentrates on practice and procedure in the area of alimony and property division. Modules in the course cover the general topics of the legal framework through which alimony and property division obligations are imposed and enforced; property and support during marriage; identification of property for purposes of drafting agreements and litigation resolution; premarital and marital agreements; basic principles and particular issues in property distribution; alimony awards and agreements; discovery issues and alimony and property distribution; income tax consequences to awards; and modification and enforcement of alimony and property division agreements and orders. 

The APC Certification Board has determined that an ACP designation in Family Law will be awarded to Certified Paralegals who complete the following courses:

  • Child Support, Visitation and Child Custody
  • Division of Property
  • Adoption and Assisted Reproduction
  • Dissolution Case Management

Successful completion of all 4 courses will lead to a certification in Family Law. Upon completion of the individual courses, and all course requirements, qualified Certified Paralegals will receive an Advanced Paralegal Certification credential in the individual area.  

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