Due Diligence for the Transactional Paralegal: Discover Your Inner Detective

Due Diligence for the Transactional Paralegal: Discover Your Inner Detective

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Webinar recording and a PDF of the PowerPoint slides

One of the most essential skills of a transactional paralegal is the ability to conduct due diligence investigations. Due diligence is a crucial stage of a wide variety of transactions including real estate acquisitions, corporate mergers and acquisitions, securities sales, trust and estate administration, and bankruptcy cases. In this webinar, we will discuss the legal and financial purposes of conducting due diligence. Our focus will be on searching and reviewing corporate records, land title records, surveys, and public records for Uniform Commercial Code filings, pending litigation, judgments, and tax liens. We will conduct sample online searches and review the use of data rooms. Finally, we will examine model due diligence checklists and summaries.

Participants will gain an understanding of the meaning and purpose of due diligence in business transactions. They will learn the basics of ordering and reviewing title commitments, surveys, and other searches. Participants will become familiar with accessing online resources to obtain public records and utilizing data rooms to store due diligence materials. They will understand how to create due diligence checklists and summaries in order to organize and present their findings to attorneys, clients, and other parties.

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