The Care and Feeding of Your Court Clerk

The Care and Feeding of Your Court Clerk

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This on-demand webinar will discuss how to work with court clerks so they will work with you (especially when feeding may be prohibited under the ethics rules)!

Those who have worked in the legal profession for even a short amount of time know that some of the best contacts you can have are your court clerks. While ethical constraints prohibit a court clerk from showing bias toward or against any specific office, attorney or party, having a strong and positive relationship with the people in the clerk’s office can smooth many a bumpy road in a paralegal’s day.  

This session is aimed at providing tools and tips all paralegals can use to enhance their relationship with their clerk’s office personnel. Furthermore, the session will examine recent trends in state courts across the nation, including the challenges of security in the digital court era, steps being taken by the courts to address societal issues such as opioid intervention and human trafficking, and ensuring due process and access to justice by children and immigrants.  

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