Alternative Dispute Resolution - Advanced

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Advanced

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CLE Hours: 
20.0 (2.0 - Ethics & 18.0 Substantive)
CLE Credit: 
Ethics, Substantive
Course Level: 
General understanding of civil litigation, discovery, and evidence. It is helpful to have some exposure to the ADR process.
$250 for Members and $300 for Nonmembers
Course Materials: 
Each module contains an audio/text lecture with slides to illustrate the lecture points. A test covering the module lecture is at the end of each module. The course features a full glossary.

This course covers both general concepts and specific techniques used in dispute resolution, from pre-dispute agreement clauses to settlement contracts. The course reviews:

  • the interaction of federal law, state statutes, and ADR
  • strategies, such as methods of negotiation
  • legal and human aspects of ADR

The Alternative Dispute Resolution APC course relies on student participation through case studies, and internet research. Upon completion of the course, paralegals will have completed exercises involving:

  • Types of ADR procedures
  • Comparison of state statutes to uniform acts
  • Application of ADR law in scenarios
  • Online resources to use for further research
  • Enforceability of DR contract clauses
  • Selection of resolution strategy
  • Drafting Pre-dispute Agreements
  • Out of state requirements for attorneys
  • Selection of law, forum, and rules
  • Client interviewing skills
  • Right to compel arbitration
  • Court-annexed ADR process
  • Special Masters, Referees, and Magistrates
  • Non-binding arbitration
  • Discovery, jurisdiction and arbitrability issues
  • Preparing for arbitration and mediation sessions
  • Participating in ADR sessions
  • Challenges to arbitration awards
  • Ethics

Reading and listening exercises include review and analysis of current articles on:

  • History and need for ADR
  • Effective settlement conferences
  • Preparing for arbitration and mediation
  • Role of the arbitrator
  • Special masters
  • Judge's perspective of effective settlement conferences
  • Ethics resources