Intermediate Level Courses

An intermediate level is most beneficial for the professional with detailed knowledge in the subject area.


Legal Immigration Needs - What You Should Know

Immigrant workers in the United States have always been extremely vulnerable. The global pandemic has exacerbated an already volatile situation. This session will include the following: providing an overview of specific areas of U.S. law and policy related to immigration; discussing ways to recognize the parameters and extent of the problem – both in general terms and specifically in light of the pandemic; and identifying ways to assist people in the crisis at the border.

Uncommon Easements

This session will feature uncommon easements that may impact your clients’ properties or ones that your clients may wish to establish. Easements for airspace, golf courses, and cell towers will be discussed, along with less common easements like a sun/light easement and an easement for a view.

CP Review - Skills Exam: Essay Writing

This session will assist those preparing for the Certified Paralegal Exam, specifically reviewing for the Skills portion of the exam. A sample essay will be given and discussed during the presentation. The session will focus on the following: (1) Learning how to identify relevant facts and issues; (2) The application of law to facts; (3) The analysis of issues and formation of conclusions; and (4) The organization of information and clarity of expression.

Internet Law - Enforcing Online Contracts

Online contracts have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives and in many respects have displaced paper. Providers of internet services are exclusively reliant upon online terms of service to bind their users to agreements governing use. This session will identify the key issues Courts address in determining whether to enforce an online contract. Discussion will also include the arguments made by users to avoid enforcement, as well as those made by providers in favor of enforcement.

An Interactive Legal Writing Lab

This session includes tips to become a better legal writer. It will focus on writing clearly and concisely. Participants will engage in discussions and practical exercises to draft email messages, demand letters, and research memos. Editing selected legal documents will promote awareness for avoiding legalese, designing a good readable document, and using proper grammar. There will be an emphasis on organizing content logically and expressing thoughts effectively.

Insurance Law - Duties of the Insurer

This session will review the four insurer duties: defend, indemnify, investigate, and settle. This session will introduce the following: what comprises each of the four duties; what are the limitations of each duty; and how do each impact the course of litigation. The session will also explore what is an assignment of benefits, how does this impact litigation, and why the language of an assignment dictates whether it is enforceable.  

Over the course of Mr. Newburg's career he has represented a number of individuals and been involved in cases that involve media attention including the Larry Nassar case. Mr. Newburg will discuss how he got involved in the case, when he got involved in the case and what it was like to be involved. He will discuss things learned from his representation of Dr.