Intermediate Level Courses

An intermediate level is most beneficial for the professional with detailed knowledge in the subject area.


This session explores current events, recent trends, and interesting decisions in the area of sports marketing and litigation.  Issues discussed in the course will involve updates concerning the DeFlategate litigation between the National Football League and New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, the NFLPA union’s involvement in the same.

This session examines the day-to-day legal considerations and decisions of a practicing NFL agent, from recruiting to signing players and through an NFL player’s career.  Follow along as each legal aspect of an NFL player’s rookie season is examined, including many aspects that are never fully detailed in the mainstream media.  Examples of such daily legal challenges include negotiating the Standard Representation Agreement, rookie endorsement deals, potential liability on and off the football field, and negotiation of the NFL player contract.

This session will cover a broad range of real estate transactions including elements of financing documents for commercial properties, deeds of trust, assignments of leases and rents, subordination agreements, and financing statements. It also covers title insurance policies for buyer and lender, analyzing the title commitment and exception documents, along with the available protections/coverages in each case.

The discussion will entail the provisions important to buyers, sellers, and lenders and why, in loan documents.  

This session will cover a broad range of real estate transactions including elements of a purchase and sale agreement for commercial real property and the related ancillary documents, i.e., deeds, assignments of contracts, assignments of leases, and transfer tax filings.  It also covers elements of a commercial lease and preparation of a lease abstract, and when an estoppel or subordination agreement is appropriate.

The discussion will entail the provisions important to buyers, sellers, and lenders and why, in purchase agreements and leases.  

This on-demand webinar will provide an intensive overview of the attorney-client privilege protection, and the related work product doctrine. The program will focus on paralegals’ role in creating, preserving and asserting those protections. The program is appropriate for both transactional and litigation paralegals, and will include an opportunity to ask questions throughout the session.

This session will cover the major legal issues when producing a feature film. We will start with a discussion of advanced intellectual property issues in entertainment. It will also cover the legal issues that arise in a film production including production issues, unions, post-production, marketing, distribution, and monitoring performance. A case study will be used, where the topics will be discussed in the context of a hypothetical feature film.

This presentation will focus on the differences between the perception and the reality when dealing with the IRS, from the initial notice through the administrative process and ultimately securing a resolution through one of the courts of choice.

From document preparation and revisions to communicating with clients and the opposing side, dealing with contracts is part of the day-to-day life of a transactional paralegal/legal assistant. In this intermediate-level webinar, our faculty will provide tips and valuable information about contract formation, negotiation, and handling documents.

Topics that will be covered include:

The recent revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were enacted to address the issues of over preservation and the ever growing volumes of data most all companies have. At the same time, data breaches and increased regulatory scrutiny have caused greater involvement in information governance practices by in-house and outside counsel. 

One of the most essential skills of a transactional paralegal is the ability to conduct due diligence investigations.