Basic Level Courses

A basic level is most appropriate for the professional with little to no experience in the subject area being taught.

What Does Stress Look Like For You? Stressful times reveal a lot about a person. How we lead ourselves and others will have a big impact on how people see us. Let's build our reputations, not destroy them. 

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Your tendencies under moderate and extreme stress.
  • Suggestions on how to stay mentally healthy when times are tough.
  • Tools to help you be aware of your tendencies so you can be more empowered.
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 12:00pm

The health of your team and company will flourish or be damaged by how you communicate.

In this on-demand webinar, registrants will learn:

  • The common struggles with leading remote teams
  • Four principles to help lead remote teams more effectively
  • Tools to help build trust and influence while working remotely

A look into what is new and cool in tech for 2021. What software and software updates occurred as well as estimated roll-out dates for some newer implementations.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 - 12:00pm

A Miller Trust is a special type of trust that adjusts a person's income downward, usually in an attempt for the individual to retain eligibility for certain types of governmental benefit programs. Most often, these trusts are used for the purpose of establishing eligibility for the Medicaid program. This webinar identifies if a Miller Trust is needed and details the steps to set one up.

Effective Allyship

This interactive session covers allyship, the lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency, and accountability with individuals and groups of people. Learn how to be an effective ally and stand by communities to support them.

Anatomy of a Complex Murder Case

This session will complete an in-depth analysis into a complex murder case involving cyanide, computers, and codes. A case study will be provided about the complex murder trial of Joseph Merlino that garnered international attention. This case involved the cyanide poisoning of a woman on Valentine's Day in 2017. The victim was ambushed by her child's father outside of her home, stabbed with a needle, and injected with cyanide poison, resulting in her death. The murder was captured on home surveillance, but the defendant had an alibi that he was in another city at the time.

Has the COVID 19 Pandemic transformed the way you practice law? Let's take a look into what is new and cool in tech for 2021 and the software programs you should be implementing in your practice to keep up with the changing world.

Take a dive deep into how Special Education Law is rooted in Civil Rights Law and Disability Law. We walk through the federal government’s responsibility of public education to not only legally provide - but also legally protect - civil and disability rights in education. We discuss the role of the 10th Amendment and its influence on public education as a national policy, as well as States’ rights to promulgate education law. This is an essential part of the conversation regarding public education and disability rights that is often either not acknowledged or not thoroughly discussed.

Hardly a day goes by without another headline of a data breach. This on-demand webinar addresses general cybersecurity issues and awareness, including a discussion of what to do if you (or a client) have been breached. Discussions will include the evolving landscape of cyber litigation and will be guided by many real-life examples of cyber-attacks and corresponding litigation. 

Objectives include the following: