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Intellectual Property Crimes

This course will provide information on the manufacture, sales, and distribution of counterfeit trademarked goods and other intellectual property crimes.  The impact this issue has on the economy worldwide and lost jobs in the United States.  An overview of how state laws and federal codes impact investigations and prosecution, both positively and negatively.  What is happening now and what we see in the future in protecting intellectual property rights.

Intelligent Information Governance and Today’s Paralegal

Information Governance (IG) is often talked about in the legal world but can be hard to understand. In this timely and informative session, you'll learn what IG is and how it applies to the work of you and your team. Whether in a law firm, corporate, or government environment, you'll also hear what can happen if you don't focus on this important subject.  Join us and find out:

Internet Sleuthing for Paralegals

This course is a Beginner to Intermediate level course.  Attendees will learn: 1) Investigation techniques using the internet for background checks; a) What services to use for background reports b) Verifying information on background reports c) Gathering new data based on information in background reports 2) Internet search engines to use for investigation purposes; 3) Locating people on social media sites; a) Facebook b) LinkedIn

Interviewing Reminders and Tips in the Digital World

We all have our own view of what it takes to be a successful interview. The old adage of “just be yourself” isn’t going to work in today’s digital world. An interview doesn’t start the minute you walk into the interview, but could potentially start before you even receive a call, and it doesn’t end when you the interviewer shakes your hand. What do you need to consider when looking for a job in today’s digital world? What makes you stick out from the digital pack, and how do you ensure that what you have on your digital wall doesn’t come back to haunt you in the physical world?

Introduction to Environmental Law and Environmental Assessments

The presentation will begin with a discussion of paradigms and sources of environmental law generally. The on-demand webinar will then include summaries of major federal and state environmental statutes and regulatory programs, including the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The on-demand webinar will cover the methods regulatory authorities use to enforce those laws, and strategies regulated communities have developed to minimize or avoid liability those laws might ot

Introduction to Legal Aspects of a Feature Film

This session will cover the major legal issues when producing a feature film starting with the idea for a story and ending with cameras rolling for production. Legal issues that arise in a film production include: setting up a film company, chain of title for intellectual property, building the professional team, financing the project, and pre-production. This session will also feature a detailed case study tracking a hypothetical feature film.

Introduction to Proper Subpoena Procedures

This is an introductory level on-demand webinar pertaining to “how to” draft and serve subpoenas, with emphasis on document and deposition subpoenas.  Exemplar subpoena packages will be provided for reference, and to foster discussion about various issues that may arise and how subpoenas may be challenged.  Action items related to the issuance of subpoenas will also be discussed.

Irrevocable Trusts

This presentation focuses on the different types of irrevocable trusts available to facilitate gifting and to minimize estate taxes at death including IDGTs, ILITs, SLATs and other acronyms that look ridiculous.

IRS Collection - Dealing with Liens, Levies, and Seizures

This on-demand webinar will walk the participants through the IRS collection process, focusing on issues and options involved in avoiding liens, levies, and seizures, as well as mitigating the damage after they have occurred.

IRS Negotiated Settlement Program - Secrets to Success

This on-demand webinar will walk the participants through the IRS Offer in Compromise process, focusing on common errors made by taxpayers and their representatives, as well as presenting ways to avoid such errors and increase the odds of reaching a successful settlement.