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Finding Clues and Solving Mysteries in Real Estate Due Diligence

Whether you are representing the buyer, seller, tenant, or mortgage lender for a piece of real property, or you are trying to better understand a piece of property that is the subject of litigation, this session will help you identify the correct resources and spot the key issues for conducting legal due diligence. This presentation will lay out a clear and comprehensive road map to ensure that you ask the right questions and understand the property diligence materials presented. The presentation also will utilize real life examples to identify common issues that you may encounter.  

Fourth Amendment - The Law of Search & Seizure

This on-demand webinar is designed as both a refresher of the basics of the 4th amendment protections and exceptions as well as a comprehensive discussion of various 4th amendment and related issues.

Gender Communication, Persuasion, and Power

This on-demand webinar explores differences in workplace communication styles that may be gender-influenced. 

In this session you will learn:

  • The role of implicit bias in communication differences
  • Differences in verbal and non-verbal communication styles which may be gender-influenced
  • How differently others may perceive communications in terms of competence, self-promotion, and asking for resources based on gender
Global Rule of Law – Judicial Independence in the Age of Tribalism

Words matter – the entire world is experiencing a political spasm that goes by various names such as nationalism, populism, or tribalism. There are likewise multiple explanations for how apparently positive trends of globalization and democracy have morphed into patterns of corruption and autocracy. These developments seem to coalesce in a global yearning for strong leaders who at the extreme can threaten the very structure of their governing systems and legal institutions.

H-1B Visas

This on-demand course will cover the most commonly utilized nonimmigrant category that authorizes employment for professional foreign nationals in the United States, the H-1B Petition. This course will include a discussion about the important H-1B qualifying requirements and an explanation on how to prepare an H-1B documentation. This course will also encompass topics such as common obstacles of legal teams, prevailing wage issues, the H-1B cap, and the implications of non-compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s H-1B Labor Condition Application.

Hearsay and Confrontation Clause

This course will cover hearsay from A-to-Z. We'll begin by defining hearsay: what it is, where it lurks, and how to spot it. We will examine the basic rules on its admissibility, as well as the policy reasons behind those rules. We will then discuss the most common ways to avoid the ban on hearsay evidence, including using out-of-court statements for non-hearsay purposes, finding exclusions from the rule against hearsay, and applying the exceptions found in the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Hitchhiker's Guide to US Immigration

This on-demand webinar will give you an overview on how our current immigration system is structured.  

How Bias Plays a Role in Wrongful Convictions

Various causes of wrongful convictions will be discussed showing how each cause can be linked back to some sort of bias. Various cases will be used during the presentation to demonstrate this. 

How to Maximize Your Value and Growth Potential Within Your Firm

This on-demand webinar will provide practical advice and tips for professional development and career advancement. Learn how to efficiently communicate and market yourself to make an impact and raise your profile. Learn how to maximize your value and minimize your chances of being told no. Whether you are new to the legal field or stuck in a rut, this webinar will prepare you for the next step in elevating your career to the next level and reach your professional goals.

Improving Case Management with LPM - Intermediate

This on-demand webinar will provide instruction on legal project management techniques related to the budgeting and monitoring of managed matters. By utilizing the historical data and information gathered by your firm, learn how to utilize LPM techniques to accurately budget matters and monitor the team's performance to increase efficiency and budget reliability.