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Estate Planning for the Modern Family

In this on-demand webinar, we will discuss drafting considerations for the modern family. Drug usage, failed careers, second marriages, and children who “still live at home” are part of the modern family.  How does one draft to avoid unintended consequences when these circumstances arise? How does one draft efficiently without a crystal ball into the future? We will talk about how to avoid fiduciary disputes that often result from these circumstances. Every document we draft will eventually be administered and affect people in their everyday lives.

Estate Planning in Action

In this on-demand webinar, we will discuss the basic documents of estate planning: wills, trusts, advance medical directives, and powers of attorney. We will also talk about their usage in the context of an estate plan, as well as common drafting errors. Incapacity planning will be discussed along with advanced uses for powers of attorney, including common challenges during the implementation of these legal instruments. We will also discuss the standards of capacity for executing an estate plan.  

Excel for Paralegals

During this on-demand webinar we will discuss using keyboard shortcuts for productivity, conditional formatting, sorting and filtering, using subtotals, basic formulas, and printing tips and tricks.

Expert Witness Bootcamp: From Retainer to Trial and Everything In-Between

This Bootcamp will provide practical time saving tips and pointers for retaining and preparing experts throughout the course of a case. Learn how to efficiently assist your attorneys in preparing experts from initial retention, including preparation of witness files and tracking of evidence and documents sent to expert witnesses, to the heat of battle, including deposition and trial prep. Learn how to effectively and efficiently create, organize and manage witness files for deposition and ultimately, trial.

Federal Criminal Practice

An introduction and discussion of the major topics involved in virtually any federal criminal matter including a comparison to various state practices. This on-demand webinar is designed to familiarize the practitioner with the terminology and customs unique to criminal federal practice. This presentation is recommended for legal assistants with limited or no experience in federal court who are curious about federal practice.

Finding Clues and Solving Mysteries in Real Estate Due Diligence

Whether you are representing the buyer, seller, tenant, or mortgage lender for a piece of real property, or you are trying to better understand a piece of property that is the subject of litigation, this session will help you identify the correct resources and spot the key issues for conducting legal due diligence. This presentation will lay out a clear and comprehensive road map to ensure that you ask the right questions and understand the property diligence materials presented. The presentation also will utilize real life examples to identify common issues that you may encounter.  

Fourth Amendment - The Law of Search & Seizure

This on-demand webinar is designed as both a refresher of the basics of the 4th amendment protections and exceptions as well as a comprehensive discussion of various 4th amendment and related issues.

Gender Communication, Persuasion, and Power

This on-demand webinar explores differences in workplace communication styles that may be gender-influenced. 

In this session you will learn:

  • The role of implicit bias in communication differences
  • Differences in verbal and non-verbal communication styles which may be gender-influenced
  • How differently others may perceive communications in terms of competence, self-promotion, and asking for resources based on gender
Global Rule of Law – Judicial Independence in the Age of Tribalism

Words matter – the entire world is experiencing a political spasm that goes by various names such as nationalism, populism, or tribalism. There are likewise multiple explanations for how apparently positive trends of globalization and democracy have morphed into patterns of corruption and autocracy. These developments seem to coalesce in a global yearning for strong leaders who at the extreme can threaten the very structure of their governing systems and legal institutions.

H-1B Visas

This on-demand course will cover the most commonly utilized nonimmigrant category that authorizes employment for professional foreign nationals in the United States, the H-1B Petition. This course will include a discussion about the important H-1B qualifying requirements and an explanation on how to prepare an H-1B documentation. This course will also encompass topics such as common obstacles of legal teams, prevailing wage issues, the H-1B cap, and the implications of non-compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s H-1B Labor Condition Application.