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CP Review: Professional & Ethical Responsibility

This session assists those in taking the Certified Paralegal (“CP”) Exam review for the professional ethical responsibility component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam.

CP Review: Real Estate & Property

This session assists those taking the Certified Paralegal (“CP”) Exam review for the real estate and property component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam. Our review begins with bedrock concepts of real estate law that were formed as early as Europe’s feudal era through the development of modern principles and practices. We examine basic ownership rights and other real property interests such as estates, landlord and tenant rights, easements, and restrictions.    

CP Review: Skills Exam - Essay Writing

This session assists those in taking the Certified Paralegal (“CP”) Exam review for the skills portion of the exam. The session focuses on the following:  (1) learning how to identify relevant facts and issues, (2) the application of law to facts, (3) the analysis of issues and formation of conclusions, and (4) the organization of information and clarify of expression. Emphasis will be placed on proper written communication skills. A sample essay will be included.

CP Review: US Legal System and Procedure

This session assists those in taking the Certified Paralegal Exam review for the US Legal System portion of the knowledge section of the exam. The session offers a broad and basic view of the fundamentals of the United States Legal System. We discuss the history of the American legal system.

Creating Clear Healthcare Documents That People Can Understand

Did you know that only 12% of U.S. adults have proficient health literacy? That means that 88% of adults have trouble understanding and using information that is needed to make the healthcare decisions we all have to make. There are many reasons for this, but we in the legal field contribute by creating healthcare documents that are difficult for even the legally trained to follow. Think of all the documents that healthcare lawyers create: HIPAA disclosures, informed-consent forms, waivers, insurance forms, and contracts of all sorts. All of these documents are notoriously hard to read.

Criminal Investigation

When it comes to Internet crime only a few offenses make headlines. We all know the downloading of music, images, and movies without consent is illegal, but what else is going down on the world wide web that's landing people behind bars? A lot, actually. People all over the world use the Internet to commit a host of crimes, some of which the public doesn't even know are capable of being done electronically. Registrants learn how criminals use the internet for hacking, spoofing, identity theft and fraud schemes.

Crowd Funding & Other Topics

This on-demand webinar covers the principles of securities, securities registration exemptions, including newly enacted registration exemptions that enable issues to utilize crowd funding in the offering and sole of securities

Data Breach and Civil Actions

This session focuses on responding to incidents involving possible data breaches, including but not limited to investigating incidents and potential reporting and notification obligations. It also explores current causes of action being explored by plaintiff’s lawyers on behalf of those whose personally identifiable information is compromised as a result of data breach incidents and defenses to those claims.

Dealing with Difficult People

We all encounter difficult people whether it’s at work, at home, on social media and more. We often employ ineffective strategies such as avoidance to get out of it as soon as possible. But learning how to interact with the difficult people in our lives greatly reduces stress and leads to high level wellness. You will learn pragmatic ways to identify and triage the various types difficult others, including toxicity, emotional vampires, power struggles, and bullies using proven techniques.

Dealing with Difficult People: Tools for the Paralegal

Emphasis is placed on identifying the truly dysfunctional and difficult people who are in a class by their own and require an entirely different and highly specific skill set.  Learn to triage the bully from other challenging people such as victims, know-it-alls and complainers. Registrants are given proven techniques to identify the most difficult people and protect yourself and others around you to minimize their impact.