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Technology and Ethics: Making Sure What Happens in the Cloud, Stays in the Cloud

On land, sea, and air, our client’s data now goes where we go and beyond. This session will address ways we can safeguard that data and uphold our ethical obligations.

Techno-Ethics 2.0

This on-demand webinar is intended to discuss continuing ethical challenges as they relate to the use of technology.  Bar associations and courts continue to grapple with the ethical issues created by emerging technologies including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, smartphones, e-discovery, and spoliation.  This presentation will address some of the ethical challenges facing paralegals in helping their legal team deal with these challenges.  It will also contain information on new rulings and ethical opinions to give direction in navigating these emerging areas.

Tales from the Crypt: Dealing with a Decedent's Tax Fraud

Hidden offshore bank accounts, a second set of books, unreported taxable gifts and fraudulent income tax returns. Pitfalls for the unwary practitioner attempting to assist clients with probating their loved-one’s estate. This program will cover issues that law firms need to be familiar with, when to ask questions and handling the client’s past misdeeds. The program will also cover potential liability on behalf of Executors/Administrators who distribute assets and find there were hidden liabilities that arise later!

Taking a Skills Inventory Before Taking a Leap

Choosing your next step isn’t something that someone can do for you, but something that you have to control. What does that mean?  You have to discover on your own what is needed to take your career to the next level or down the next path by taking time to understand what your skills are, what they need to be, and how to reach the next level. This webinar will provide you the tools to start your own career journey by developing an inventory of your existing skills and discovering how the “paralegal” skills are transferrable to leadership and growth opportunities.

Sports Litigation Updates and Trends

This session explores current events, recent trends, and interesting decisions in the area of sports marketing and litigation.  Issues discussed in the course will involve updates concerning the DeFlategate litigation between the National Football League and New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, the NFLPA union’s involvement in the same.

Sports Litigation Legal Considerations

This session examines the day-to-day legal considerations and decisions of a practicing NFL agent, from recruiting to signing players and through an NFL player’s career.  Follow along as each legal aspect of an NFL player’s rookie season is examined, including many aspects that are never fully detailed in the mainstream media.  Examples of such daily legal challenges include negotiating the Standard Representation Agreement, rookie endorsement deals, potential liability on and off the football field, and negotiation of the NFL player contract.

So the Plaintiff's on Medicare

Over the last few years, Medicare has inserted itself into the personal injury claims process at every turn. Clients, insurers, even medical providers now must consider Medicare’s interest or face dreaded penalties. It’s made just about everyone paranoid about settling a case no matter who you represent.  Plaintiff’s attorneys are worried about Medicare coming at them years after the claim has resolved. Defendant’s attorneys are constantly reminded that insurers face stiff fines if Medicare doesn’t get paid back. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

School Safety: From the Schoolhouse to the Courthouse

As school safety issues increasingly move from the schoolhouse to the courthouses and courts of public opinion, legal staff need to be able to distinguish fads and fiction from facts and credible sources. Paralegals and their attorneys may benefit from an understanding of how to determine what are reasonable school safety practices for preK-12 schools. This on-demand webinar will strengthen participant abilities to:

Salary Trends

Nicholas Romley, the Executive Director of Special Counsel's Michigan office, will be presenting on a variety of topics relating to salary trends across the country for legal support professionals. Nicholas will also be discussing how you can draft your resume to maximize compensation and demonstrate long term value to potential employers during the interview process. Additionally, Nicholas will present various ideas related to how the legal business model impacts career mobility and how to maximize your compensation during your career. 

Raising Capital and Crowdfunding

This on-demand webinar will provide an overview of a variety of methods a business may use to raise capital through a private offering. The course will address three specific methods of capital raising: crowdfunding, Regulation D, and Regulation A+. The course will introduce attendees to the main features of crowdfunding, Regulation D, and Regulation A+, including the governing regulations and requirements for each type of private offering. It will also compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of these types of offerings as a mechanism for raising capital.