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Avoiding Landmines in the Nonprofit Arena

This on-demand webinar describes the key requirements for a nonprofit organization to obtain tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Specific examples are provided of organizations that meet (and do not meet) the specific requirements.

Basic Business Organizations

This presentation offers a broad and basic view of the fundamentals of business that every paralegal should understand. The presenter will discuss sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, profit and nonprofit corporations, and limited liability companies. The advantages and disadvantages of each type of organization are explained, and guidance on how to form each type is offered, including specifics about required state and IRS filings.

Basic Due Diligence

The laws, rules, and policies around a law firm's due diligence can be challenging at times to experienced attorneys and paralegals. It is even more daunting for those who are just getting familiar with the due diligence/RA 9 world. This presentation outlines some key points for those who are relatively new to this area of corporate law. Topics included are: general search rules, forms, and importance of the debtor name. There is also a discussion on the GM case and its implications for firms. All topics are established touchstones in due diligence analysis.

Basic Torts

This on-demand webinar will cover the basics of tort law, including negligence, intentional torts, and strict liability.  It covers the elements of several torts and what must be proven to determine whether or not a tort has been committed.  The course also addresses defenses to tort accusations. It will prepare the legal professional with the necessary terminology and knowledge of tort law to understand cases worked on in this area.

Become the CEO of Your Whole Life

Original, evidence-based solutions are weaved into this session to combat unrelenting stress experienced by paralegals. Solutions include using CEO strategies across one’s entire life. Learn to break persistent patterns around chronic stress and create spaciousness in your life using science and wisdom to cultivate a more self-authored, less-reactive stance.

Cell Phone Forensics

Ever wondered what kind of information is on a cell phone? Or how forensic collection works for mobile devices? Mobile devices are central to our daily lives; they are computers at our fingertips. As such, they create a large amount of data relevant to investigations and litigation, and serve as an incredible repository of electronic information. This webinar will discuss the kind of forensics results that can be obtained, how to handle locked devices, and more. Dr. Manes' presentation will include information on:

Civil Litigation - A Step by Step Look at the Process

Civil litigation is a term used to describe the legal process applied to non-criminal matters. This on-demand webinar will discuss in depth each step in the process of a civil lawsuit:

  • Initial steps in a civil lawsuit: complaint and answer;
  • Motions practice;
  • Discovery and pre-trial;
  • Trial and judgment;
  • Appeals;
  • Enforcement.

Each step in the process will be discussed in detail, using examples, forms, practice tips, and most importantly, real life examples as they apply to the role of the paralegal.

Classification of Law

This on-demand webinar will explore the ways in which legal concepts are categorized. These categories both help to understand the law and inform how the law is made, written, and researched. By focusing on several major distinctions or classifications, attendees will gain working knowledge of how major legal concepts fit into a larger legal landscape.  By the end of the course, attendees should be able to:

Collection Law from A to Z

This on-demand webinar covers the collections litigation process from pre-suit strategies to judgment enforcement, and will also highlight various pitfalls creditors may face under federal and state debt collection practices statutes.

Communicating with Charisma

Some people have the ability to get your attention and hold it. Why is that? It isn’t a matter of physical beauty (Abraham Lincoln), it’s not a matter of formal command (Robin Williams), nor is it that they have a great speech writer (Meg Whitman). Rather it is a set of behaviors that you can learn and apply in everyday life. This session will teach you a way of actively engaging with others – colleagues, friends, family, and even strangers (think first impressions with clients or at a job interview).