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Issues Relating to Cybersecurity Incidents and Data Breaches

This on-demand webinar covers the basics of data breaches every legal professional should understand, including state and federal notification requirements, IRS and tax consequences when a client experiences a data breach, and preventative and remedial steps for incident response.

Judiciary & National Security - War, Terrorism, and Daily Life

The end of the Soviet Era (sometimes referred to as the post-communist world) has seen upheavals related to historic episodes such as colonialism or ancient tribal hostilities or both. Some history of the Middle East, from Canaan through the Crusades to ISIS, will be traced rather briefly in the segment on “Paths to War & Terror” before turning to how counter-terrorism has impacted both our daily lives and our legal systems. The link from history to current events exists in security screening at airports, courthouses, and public events.

Jury Nullification

This on-demand webinar presents a study of the concept of “jury nullification” or “jury pardon” in the United States legal system.  It includes:

Law and Ethics

This on-demand webinar focuses on the law and the ethical issues that arise when laws provide a certain outcome that may not be fair, ethical or necessarily the “right thing.” 

Mr. Bermingham analyzes and debates some key Constitutional and State Court Cases that deal with ethical issues outside of the law. The on-demand webinar will include discussion of the Attorney/Client Privilege, 4th Amendment’s Search and Seizure, 5th Amendment’s Due Process, 8th Amendment’s Cruel and Unusual Punishment, 1st Amendment’s Right to Free Speech, and the Right to Privacy.

Law Practice in the 21st Century

A relaxed, interactive and light hearted exploration of how the legal profession is restructuring, what is driving the restructuring and what all of the changes mean for paralegals, lawyers and the legal profession.

Learning About Evidence

Knowing evidence rules are the real key to success.

Legal Project Management - Showcasing the Value of a Paralegal

The legal profession is beginning to recognize the value of project management for improving the quality of legal services. Legal project management (LPM) assists attorneys and paralegals in developing processes that can more efficiently deliver legal services within the established constraints of scope, schedule, and cost. LPM has been defined as “a disciplined, rational, task management approach to any project, based on clear prioritization, effective communication, and systematic implementation.” 

Legal Research

This on-demand webinar is designed to introduce students to basic legal research concepts and sources. Sources covered will include: secondary sources, statutory law, administrative law, and case law. Research strategy and organization will also be covered.  At the end of the webinar, students will be able to perform basic research functions, including how to determine that a source is complete and current, and communicate their process clearly to others. Bluebook citation will also be discussed.

Legal Writing

This on-demand webinar presents the building blocks for effective legal writing. Students will learn how to organize legal documents, write clearly and concisely, revise and proofread, and prepare documents for final submission. It will also provide a general overview of legal citations with reference to key rules from The Bluebook.  In addition, this course will discuss the various types of documents that paralegals may be required to prepare.

Letting Go of Paper

It’s time to start creating a more organized and nearly paperless office that efficiently uses both your time and office space. Imagine having a document management plan, a basic naming procedure, and a policy on what to do for every paper that comes into your office. Knowing the right procedures and policies to implement in your office is half the battle. This on-demand webinar will help you build a foundation in your office to use a lot less paper – or get rid of it completely.