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Overview and Update of Paralegal and Non-Lawyer Regulation and Certification

John C.

Organization - The Silent Weapon of an Effective Paralegal

This on-demand webinar will cover a topic that every paralegal needs to know about how to use the secret weapon of Organization. Paralegals are the gatekeepers of documents. How does an effective paralegal develop the skills of organization; stay on top of the mountain of work; and remain the go-to person for their team?  Learn simple techniques for dealing with day-to-day activities and stay organized when it comes to topics such as:

Old Age Comes at a Bad Time: The Elderly Client & Basics of Long Term Care Planning

This course is designed to introduce personnel who work for attorneys, such as paralegals, assistants, other support staff, with the unique issues surrounding the representation of elderly clients. The presentation will address issues of access, appearance and office set up to better accommodate elderly clients. There will also be discussion of typical barriers in communicating with elderly clients, such as hearing, sight and mobility issues, and possible solutions.

Non-Profit Law

A basic introduction on the formation of a company as a not-for-profit.  Topics will include tax benefits, differences between for profit and not for profit companies, what businesses qualify to be a non-profit, and basic setup information such as formation and distributions of assets.  We will also cover ways to identify whether an entity is a properly formed non-profit, what registration requirements may be required, and resources are available for consumers who want to learn more about a particular not-for-profit charity.

Negotiating Provisions of Financing Documents: Demystifying Title Policies and Endorsements

This session will cover a broad range of real estate transactions including elements of financing documents for commercial properties, deeds of trust, assignments of leases and rents, subordination agreements, and financing statements. It also covers title insurance policies for buyer and lender, analyzing the title commitment and exception documents, along with the available protections/coverages in each case.

The discussion will entail the provisions important to buyers, sellers, and lenders and why, in loan documents.  

Navigating the Bermuda Triangle: Interplay Among FMLA, ADA and Workers' Compensation Leave Laws

In this on-demand webinar, we will explore three major leave laws that can come into play when an employee is injured on or off the job, has a disability, or has a serious medical condition:  the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and state Workers’ Compensation law.  We will review each statute and its framework, and discuss how leave is triggered under each and what is required.  We will then explore how the statutes overlap and how an employer can successfully navigate through the quagmire.  Other areas of interest discussed will include light

Navigating Ride-Sharing Laws

Uber took the world by storm when it launched in 2009. For many years it operated seamlessly and seemed like an incredible, cheaper alternative to a taxi. With changing technology, comes changing laws.

Music Law and Intellectual Property Rights

This on-demand webinar discusses the various types of contractual relationships that an artist can expect to have throughout the course of their artistic development, including the ethical considerations and conflicts of interest that arise in the representation of artists. The program also discusses an artist’s relationships with third parties such as record labels, publishers, and recording studios and the types of deals that are typically expected throughout the course of an artist’s career. Intellectual property rights are also discussed.

Modern Due-Diligence Signposts!

Over the last few years we have seen some significant adjustments and developments in Revised Article Nine. Starting with 2013, statutory changes and now recent court cases have created a new environment that due diligence experts must adjust to maintain their high levels. This webinar explores some of these changes and how they impact the due diligence work flow and the relationships between the interested parties.

Mobile Forensics - An In-Depth Introduction

Everyone has a cell phone and most of us use our phone for more than just phone calls. Are you overlooking this landmine source of evidence in your cases? Whether you handle probate cases, family law or civil litigation, you will want to learn how mobile forensics can help you gather information that affects all types of cases.