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The Science of Living in Balance

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about the importance of taking care of yourself—mind, soul and body—from a certified nurse practitioner and wellness coach, Dr. Eileen O’Grady. It will be valuable for paralegals in any setting who are being asked to do more with less, work unrelenting hours, and may be feeling under siege and overwhelmed. You will learn where you are out of balance in your life and to develop concrete goals to achieve more thoughtful alignment. Explore a fresh way to view self-care and how to incorporate the science behind learned optimism.

The Paralegal's Role in Litigation

This on-demand webinar will discuss the role paralegals play in the course of litigating a case, including the responsibilities of the paralegal and the attorney’s expectations of the paralegal during litigation.

The Paralegal's Professional Responsibilities Role-Playing Workshop

Research shows that practice and feedback are critical to learning. In this on-demand webinnar, participants will actively communicate responses to several different scenarios invoking the rules of professional responsibility, as well as giving and receiving peer feedback about how situations are handled.

The Paralegal's Professional Responsibilities

This on-demand webinar will examine the rules of professional responsibility about candor, confidentially, loyalty, and fairness that all paralegals need to know and practice.

The Nassar Case from Start to Finish

Over the course of Mr. Newburg's career he has represented a number of individuals and been involved in cases that involve media attention including the Larry Nassar case. Mr. Newburg will discuss how he got involved in the case, when he got involved in the case and what it was like to be involved. He will discuss things learned from his representation of Dr.

The Law of Music

This course will provide a general overview of the law related to music by covering intellectual property related to music, public domain issues, and the multiple copyrights in a single song. Additionally, the course will cover sound recordings, music publishing, the exclusive rights for music copyright holders, and the digital transmission of music. All of these issues will be given context with a detailed case study that will provide practical relevance.

The Intersection between Law Firm Technology, Competency, and Ethics

This on-demand webinar will compare and contrast ethical use of technology in the law firm with the duty of competency required by more than half the states in the country. It will also explore data privacy concerns in the age of

The Ins and Outs of Federal Court

This on-demand webinar will offer an inside glimpse into the federal court.  It will include information regarding the  clerk’s office, docket administrators, courtroom deputies and chambers. If you want to know what a judge wants to see or what irritates the judge, this course is for you.  It will provide information as to who to contact (and who you should not contact) with questions about a case, trial, or procedure.   If you are interested in a review of federal court deadlines or basic court etiquette, this course will provide that information as well.

The Impact of Technology Trends on Employment Law

Technology in the legal field has grown exponentially more important and complex. This on-demand webinar will cover the impact of technology on employment issues, electronic workplace privacy matters, and technology-related employment law trends. There will also be a discussion regarding recent technology-related employment cases as well as obstacles and practices of today's legal teams.

The Future of Analytics and Technology in eDiscovery, Investigations, and Beyond

Analytics and new ways to interact with and visualize data promise to revolutionize traditional legal processes. From review in litigation and investigations to automating contracts and other upstream processes, some are predicting that the role of the legal professional will be radically different in the next 5-10 years. Add “artificial intelligence” (AI) and the cloud to the mix and it gets even more interesting.