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Legal Research

This on-demand webinar is designed to introduce students to basic legal research concepts and sources. Sources covered will include: secondary sources, statutory law, administrative law, and case law. Research strategy and organization will also be covered.  At the end of the webinar, students will be able to perform basic research functions, including how to determine that a source is complete and current, and communicate their process clearly to others. Bluebook citation will also be discussed.

Legal Writing

This on-demand webinar presents the building blocks for effective legal writing. Students will learn how to organize legal documents, write clearly and concisely, revise and proofread, and prepare documents for final submission. It will also provide a general overview of legal citations with reference to key rules from The Bluebook.  In addition, this course will discuss the various types of documents that paralegals may be required to prepare.

Letting Go of Paper

It’s time to start creating a more organized and nearly paperless office that efficiently uses both your time and office space. Imagine having a document management plan, a basic naming procedure, and a policy on what to do for every paper that comes into your office. Knowing the right procedures and policies to implement in your office is half the battle. This on-demand webinar will help you build a foundation in your office to use a lot less paper – or get rid of it completely.

Life Care Planning

Life care plans have become an important component in personal injury litigation.  Whether you are seeking to demonstrate a client's injuries or disabilities or defending the actions of another party or parties, advocates often look to the life care planner to provide a clear and unbiased illustration to the court of the damages to be considered.  Since the late 1980's, life care planners have come from multiple disciplines to provide their services throughout the United States and Canada.  This presentation will provide the paralegal with an overview of life care planning with the followin

Litigation for Trusts and Estates

The on-demand webinar focuses on the special issues that arise when handling litigation of matters associated with trusts and estates including breach of fiduciary duty, the God complex, beneficiaries who “want their check” and general downright nefarious activities.

Malpractice Insurance Law for Paralegals

This basic on-demand webinar examines Malpractice Insurance Law for Paralegals and the importance of Malpractice Insurance as it relates to the interrelations of a paralegal’s duty and legal representation.  Additionally, the webinar analyzes legal malpractice cases against paralegals, clarifying best practices and understanding the various types of malpractice insurance.

Managing Stress in a Turbulent World

This on-demand webinar will review the science of stress and emphasize practical strategies to reclaim our lives. If change is constant, and we are all being asked to do more with less, we must respond differently to these demands. Registrants will hear proven strategies that include cultivating a growth mindset, becoming the CEO of our inner lives, taking actions on our highest priorities, and saying no early and often, to name a few.

Mapping the Video Divide

This on-demand webinar will go over the three emerging areas of video in the legal industry, digital court reporting, video conferencing and legal videography. Registrants will learn about the uses, advantages and see both pre-recorded and live examples of these methods of recording a deposition using video. Legal professionals will also be introduced to the wide variety or terms used to discuss these emerging areas, as well as how to properly notice these technologies. Comparisons between the technologies will be shown along with suggestions on best practices and uses. 

Maximizing Your Medical Expert

Physicians and surgeons are critical assets in medical litigation, and the task of securing them as expert witnesses is often completed by a paralegal. Successful paralegals must know how to proactively screen and manage expert witnesses while avoiding critical points of failure. During this on-demand webinar, Dr.

Mergers and Acquisitions

This on-demand webinar will provide an introduction to mergers, stock sales, and asset sales from the corporate perspective.  It will provide theory in addition to specific case studies, and will focus on identifying the component parts of each type of transaction.