Anatomy of a Trial Binder

Anatomy of a Trial Binder

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In this session, you will walk away with the confidence and skills needed to prepare a trial binder that your trial team will be impressed with, even if you've NEVER made one before! Paralegals with trial experience will learn some new tricks and tips to add to their existing knowledge base.

We will discuss:

  • The purpose and importance of the trial binder, what it is and why you need one.
  • The various formats a trial binder can take and the pros and cons of each.
  • A step by step explanation of exactly what should be included and the critical information needed to transform a so-so trial binder into a case changing gold mine of information.
  • Finally, we'll discuss what you should and should NOT include in your paralegal trial toolbox.

Attendees will also receive copies of Linda’s personal trial preparation tools including: sample trial preparation/attendance related billing entries, trial binder index (simple and expanded versions), general and master trial preparation checklists, trial toolkit contents list, exhibit log, over forty potential jury questions, jury summary forms and seating charts, witnesses binder index, witness checklist, information sheet and subpoena letter and lots more.

Linda McGrath-Cruz, ACP