CP Review - Corporate & Commercial

CP Review - Corporate & Commercial

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This session will assist those in taking the Certified Paralegal exam (“CP Exam”) review for the corporate & commercial law component of the knowledge portion of the CP Exam. 

The session offers a broad view of the fundamentals of corporate and commercial law and will include discussions in the areas of:

  1. Basic concepts of various types of business entities, including formation, management, ownership, public vs. private, and tax implications
  2. Fiduciary duty, duty of care, duty of loyalty, and the business judgment rule
  3. Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, consolidation, and dissolution
  4. Anti-trust issues

Upon completion of this session, attendees will understand the basic life cycle of various business entities from formation to termination, the duties of those managing the businesses, and the importance of anti-trust issues.

Kelly A. LaGrave, ACP