Certified Paralegal Champion Award

To recognize outstanding achievement by an individual or by a NALA Affiliated Association in promoting and advancing NALA's Certified Paralegal Program within the legal profession. 

Award Benefits Include:

  • Recognition in NALA's Facts & Findings journal and other outlets

Eligibility for Nomination
(1) Current member of NALA; (2) May be a Certified Paralegal, Advanced Certified Paralegal, non-paralegal, attorney, or educator (Current NALA Board of Directors, committee members, and current Certifying Board Members not eligible for the individual award)

Criteria for Selection
(1) Demonstrates commitment to growth and expansion of the Certified Paralegal Program (2) Recognizes and promotes the Certified Paralegal Program as a national professional standard for paralegals; (3) Demonstrates passion and enthusiasm in the Certified Paralegal Program advocacy and outreach within the association as well as in the community, state or region (including with employers, educators, governmental associations, bar associations or other applicable affinity groups; (4) Demonstrates creative or innovative strategies in promoting and encouraging participation in the Certified Paralegal Program; (5) Demonstrates leadership and collaboration in offering, forming, or mentoring CP exam study groups, seminars, or other forums to assist member and non-members in preparing for the exam; (6) Encourages a high level of professional achievement 

Who can nominate?
NALA Active type member or NALA Affiliated Association in good standing

Nomination Deadline
September 1