Preparing for the Exam-Suggested Study Material

Before planning your preparation for the Certified Paralegal exam, be sure to review the detailed description of the sections of the Certified Paralegal examination. This is found on the NALA web site under Certification/Certified Paralegal Program/Examination Description.  Click here to visit this page.

The Certifying Board has published a list of suggested study references which may be helpful in your preparation for the exam or exam sections. Click here to review and download this list.

The NALA Certifying Board is not involved in the development or delivery of any CP Exam study materials, preparation materials, or products; and the developers of those materials and products do not have access to any CP Exam content. The Certifying Board does not require, approve, endorse, or recommend any specific study materials or methods to be used by examinees. The Certifying Board has no involvement with the NALA online study group nor does the Certifying Board provide any information, answers, or responses to questions posed by the online study group.

Preparing for the Certified Paralegal exam can be a daunting task. NALA publishes several books that are helpful, courses that are available, and NALA affiliated associations offer local study groups. Below is a summary of these options.

The following publications, published by NALA through Cengage Publishers, are helpful for exam review:

  • NALA Manual for Paralegals, Sixth Edition, authored by NALA members.
  • Certified Paralegal Study Guide and Mock Exam, Fourth Edition, authored by NALA members and material contributed.
  • Certified Paralegal Exam Review Manual, Fourth Edition, authored by Virginia Koerselman Newman.

Click here for a description of these books and ordering information. 

Please Note:  The Elements of Style, Strunk & White, has been adopted by the NALA Certifying Board as the authority for the Communications section of the examination. A Uniform System of Citation, Harvard Law Review Association, has been adopted by the NALA Certifying Board as the authority for the Legal Research section.

NALA is your source for continuing legal education courses.  We offer a wide variety of online and live courses including: 

  • Self-Study Courses
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Live Webinars
  • Live Courses

To view more information on our courses including descriptions, costs, and schedules please click here.   

From NALA Affiliated Associations
NALA affiliated associations are located throughout the United States. These state and local paralegal organizations are tremendous resources for paralegal activities in a specific region. Affiliated associations in 22 states offer exam review programs. Click here for the list and web addresses - there just may be one in your area.

Another source of review programs for the Certified Paralegal examination are classes offered through local community colleges. These are particularly helpful if you need to review a specific subject. Remember, though, the Certified Paralegal Exam is a nationwide exam, no state laws or procedures are tested.