Preparing for the Exam-Practice Tests

There are several references available to those seeking additional ways to prepare for the Certified Paralegal examination. This page discusses the practice test.

The practice tests have been developed from the web-based Certified Paralegal self-study review programs. If you have taken a self-study course, you will recognize many of the questions. If you have not taken a self-study course, and feel you need additional study on any of the exam subjects, you may consider one of these self-study programs.  

The practice tests are offered separate and apart from the Certified Paralegal examination and Certifying Board for Paralegals.The NALA Certifying Board is not involved in the development or delivery of any CP Exam study materials, preparation materials, or products; and the developers of those materials and products do not have access to any CP Exam content. The Certifying Board does not require, approve, endorse, or recommend any specific study materials or methods to be used by examinees. The Certifying Board has no involvement with the NALA online study group nor does the Certifying Board provide any information, answers, or responses to questions posed by the online study group.

Successful completion of the Certified Paralegal exam is contingent upon many factors. An adequate score on a practice test and/or review of suggested study references does not guarantee success on the Certified Paralegal exam.

How to order

Single Tests Prices:

  $30 Each 
   Written Communications 
$40 Each
   Judgment and Analytical Ability
   Substantive Law 
   Legal Research
5 Test Bundle

Visit the Practice Test Web Site to enroll and begin your practice tests. Register and sign in, select the test you wish to take and follow purchasing instructions.
When payment is approved, the test will begin. There is also an option to purchase and access later.

Schools and Groups: Discounted pricing is available for classes and groups. For details, contact TesTrac or call 952-997-0641 for details. 

If you do not wish to purchase via the on-line option, you may purchase practice tests by calling TesTrac. There will be a delay of several days in availability of the exam.

Features of the Practice Tests 

  • Practice tests are delivered on exactly the same platform as the actual Certified Paralegal Examination.
  • Participants will receive instructive feedback on most questions. The feedback describes why the answer is correct or incorrect. Upon completion of a test, participants will have an opportunity to download the question item feedback for future reference.
  • Participants also receive feedback describing how they did on the exam based on the subject category of the question. This will be helpful in understanding what to study in preparation for the Certified Paralegal examination.
  • The Judgment & Analytical Ability practice test includes a bonus handout - an assignment and sample memo for self-grading. 

The practice tests in total are about 1/2 of the entire Certified Paralegal examination. The number of questions on the Certified Paralegal exam will vary slightly with each exam version. None of the questions in the practice tests are included on the Certified Paralegal examination.

  • Written Communications - 40 practice test questions
  • Ethics – 40 practice test questions 
  • Legal Research – 30 practice test questions
  • Substantive Law – 90 practice test questions; the questions cover the same subtopics as the Certified Paralegal examination. The subtopics are: American Legal System, Business Organizations, Civil Litigation and Contract Law.
  • Judgment and Analytical Ability - This practice test differs from the actual Certified Paralegal examination. This practice test consists of a total of 65 questions. There are 22 questions each on analysis of issues and formation of conclusions; and identification of facts. There are 11 questions on application of law to facts; and 10 questions on organization of information and clarity of expression. The Judgment and Analytical Ability section of the Certified Paralegal examination is an essay test, and designed to replicate an actual on-the-job assignment. Examinees are provided an assignment from an employer and are to prepare memo as instructed. Each registrant for this practice test may download a sample assignment from an attorney/supervisor and a sample of a correctly written and organized memo.

The Certifying Board has not reviewed any questions nor provided any input in the authoring of these practice tests.