Examinees who do not achieve a passing score on any sections may retake the section(s) during any testing window within the two-year period.  Applicants may attend a maximum of six testing windows (the first testing window + five retake windows) within a two-year period in order to successfully complete the CP examination. If the examination is not successfully completed within the two-year period, credit for all completed sections will be forfeited and the entire examination must be retaken. A new, updated, application form & fee will be required. The two-year period begins on the date any section of the examination is first taken.

Fees and deadlines.
The retake application fee is $60 per section.  Retake applications are due:

Deadline Late Filing
January December 1 December 10
May April 1 April 10
September August 1 August 10

*Non-refundable additional fee required for late filing

If results of the examination are received after the deadline date for retake applications, the results information will include information about an extended deadline date for filing an application to retake the examination.