Advanced Paralegal Certification

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Commitment to continued growth and life-long learning is the hallmark of a professional. Once a Certified Paralegal's career is launched, there is a need for advanced CLE programs as one changes areas of practice, or is met with more challenging assignments. The Advanced Paralegal Certification program is designed to recognize this effort.  

Advanced Certification courses are part of the self-study programs offered by NALA. APC certification is for Certified Paralegals and is focused on mastery of specific course material developed under the direction of the Advanced Paralegal Certification Board. An assessment component is part of the curriculum-based program as well as detailed exercises. Presently, NALA offers APC credentials in 26 practice areas. The average course is about 20 hours in length and organized into multiple modules. These web-based courses are available on a 24/7 basis. 

The advanced certification programs are written with the understanding that a person seeking advanced certification has already passed the Certified Paralegal examination and has demonstrated knowledge and skills in areas of written communications, legal research, ethics, judgment and legal analysis, and general knowledge the American legal system, business organizations, civil litigation and contracts.

A curriculum-based model assumes that participants will discuss course material and consult outside sources, including colleagues, reference books, and specialty practice area experts. The focus is on education and learning specific subject matter rather than testing, which has already been achieved by the Certified Paralegal examination. 

The ACP credential has been awarded to over 3,500 Certified Paralegals since its inception in 2006. Many Certified Paralegals seek multiple advanced certifications as their work assignments change.  CLE credit is available to Certified Paralegals upon successful completion of an APC course.