Freelance copy editor - posted 10/28/19

Freelance copy editor - posted 10/28/19

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HTC Global Services
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Part Time
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Job Summary: 

Work from home checking 18th-century transcriptions of a legal/medical nature. Verify the titles, illustration captions, dates, and locations against images captured from primary sources, such as letters, captions for photographs, maps, and other personal documents. Much of the material will be handwritten and some may be typeset. 

Requirements or Qualifications: 

Responsibilities and Duties
We are looking for freelancers to review medical/legal information captured from a corresponding document (or set of images) and noted in a spreadsheet. Each document will have multiple pages (images), a variety of item types, and be connected to the spreadsheet by a document id. We will provide the spreadsheet with metadata information to be reviewed, the document id, document title, item breaks within the document, and corresponding images. 
Key metadata in need of review, verification and possible correction:

  • Item title. Each document may have 1 – 20+ items, but most have under 5 items.
  • Captions. Illustrations or tables may appear within an item, and the title for these would need to be captured.
  • Person name. The name of the person or people identified in the item, such as in correspondence, or the name of the patent holder, map designer, photographer or photographed subject, diarist, etc.
  • Date. Each item will likely have a unique date, such as publication date, date of the letter, diary entry date, etc.
  • Date range. The dates of the items rolled up into a document-level date range (beginning date – end date)
  • Place name (or location). Place where the item was written, location as the topic of the item, or the location of a map
  • Content subtype. Items fall into several categories, such as legal documents, medical reports, letters, front matter, personal papers, diaries, administrative papers, etc.

If interested, please provide qualifications. You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Qualification and Skills: 

  • Fluent in English
  • Great attention to detail
  • Can read documents handwritten in cursive
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Accuracy is essential to the project
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November 30 2019
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