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NALA Volunteer Spotlight Deana Waters, ACP May 2021

May 2021 DEI Article"Mental Health Awareness Month"Written by Yolanda A. Garcia, CP

NALA Volunteer Spotlight Airolyn Loggins, ACP April 2021

April 2021 DEI Article"Dismantling AAPI Hate for a More Inclusive Future"Written by Bobby T. Rimas, Associate Professor

NALA Volunteer Spotlight: Lisa M. Stone, ACPMarch 2021 Lisa M. Stone, ACP, recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of earning her Certified Paralegal credential. This, along with earning her Advanced Certified Paralegal credential, are some of the proudest moments of her paralegal career.

March 2021 DEI Article"Women Shine Extra Bright in March"Written by Adrienne D. Berry, CP Every March, Women’s History Month is celebrated to honor the historical contributions women have made to our society.

"Behind every great man is a great woman." Or so the saying goes. But what is behind every great woman? In my experience, more great women.

NALA Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara E. Mills ACP February 2021