Documentation Required

EFFECTIVE with the 2018 Administration

All pages of the application form must be complete. All documentation required to complete the Certified Paralegal examination application form must be submitted at the time of filing the application. Documentation includes official school transcripts, attorney attestations and payment. Incomplete applications are subject to rejection. The documentation required varies based on the category of qualifications, as outlined below.

Incomplete/pending applications.
Candidates filing incomplete applications must provide the documentation and/or fees required to complete the application within 60 days or the application will be returned and the fee is nonrefundable.

School transcripts.
Categories 1 and 2 require an official school transcript submitted with the application. A transcript is considered “official” if it bears the official seal and authorizing signature of the issuing institution. We will accept a copy of the transcript via mail, fax or email. The official transcript must indicate all courses taken and date of graduation. 

Attorney Employer Attestations.
For those qualifying under Category 1, an attorney/employer attestation is not required.
For those qualifying under Category 2 the attestation section is required only if applying with one year or more of paralegal experience in lieu of the 15 semester hours of paralegal courses.
The attestation section must be completed by all applicants for Category 3.

Examinee Attestation.
All examinees are required to sign the following attestation on the application for the Certified Paralegal examination. This serves as a pledge of confidentiality, and states reasons for suspension of authorization to use the Certified Paralegal credential:

  • I hereby declare that the above information [on the Certified Paralegal Examination Application Form] is complete and truthful. I further pledge not to divulge the contents of any examinations questions for certification as a legal assistant/paralegal by NALA (the “Examination Questions”) and agree to be bound by the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of NALA.  Inasmuch as it is and ever will be impracticable and extremely difficult to determine the actual damages resulting to NALA should I divulge the contents of any Examination Questions, I agree to pay NALA as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the sum of $500 for each breach of my agreement not to divulge the contents of any Examination Questions.
  • I further understand that the CP designation may be suspended or revoked and that I may be prohibited from taking any further NALA exams, including but not limited to any specialty practice area exams or retaking the general certification exam for the following reasons:
    • Falsification of information on application form.
    • Subsequent conviction of the unauthorized practice of law.
    • Failure to meet continuing legal education requirements as required by the Certifying Board.
    • Divulging the contents of any Examination Questions.
    • Subsequent conviction of a felony.
    • Violation of the NALA Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.
    • Violation of the “Terms and Conditions of Testing.”