Affiliated Associations


The structure of NALA permits the affiliation of organizations whose objectives, aims, constitutions, and bylaws are in harmony with the objectives and aims of NALA. Through affiliating with NALA, state and local organizations receive the support and assistance of NALA in advancing the paralegal career within their geographic areas.

Affiliated associations are provided a voice in the management of NALA through their election of a member of the NALA Board of Directors. Affiliated associations are also offered a voice in developing policies and positions of NALA not only through their representative on the NALA Board of Directors but through the annual meeting of NALA affiliated associations held during the national conferenceĀ in July. NALA affiliated associations may present resolutions to the NALA membership for consideration during the annual membership meeting. Resolutions are adopted by the voting membership of NALA. Affiliates are represented in this body through their own NALA liaison and any other members who may also be voting members of NALA.