NALA Committees

The Certifying Board is responsible for administrative rules and regulations of the CP program.

2017-2018 Certifying Board Members


Front Row, L to R: Lisa M. Stone, ACP; Tracy A. Landry, ACP; Stacey Bowers, J.D., M.L.I.S., Ph.D.; Elizabeth Mann, J.D.; Tracie L. Livesay, ACP; Kathy H. Miller, ACP, CAS; Bradley J. Beehler, Esq.; Second Row, L to R: Christine K. Lillo, ACP; Cathy S. Hulsey, ACP, Immediate Past Chair; Jeffery S. Rubel, J.D., MPA; Nanci L. Lilja, ACP, Certifying Board Chair; Tom Pokladowski, J.D.; Donna W. Gilliland, ACP; Cathy L. Davis, ACP; Amy S. Hodgson, ACP 

Not pictured: Deidra A. Kirtley, Public Member; Kimberly A.S. Brown, ACP; Georgia M. Seeley, ACP

The Advanced Paralegal Certification Board (APC Board) (not pictured) is responsible for the administration of the advanced certfied paralegal program. Members inlcude: Dawnne Linenbrink, ACP, Chair; Janie Boswell, ACP; Catherine Durgin, ACP; Dr. Ron Goldfarb; Dorothe Schuch, ACP; Belinda Ann Thomas, ACP; Kelly LaGrave, ACP; Deana Waters, ACP​; Edward Armstrong, Esq.


The Continuing Education Council (CEC) leads NALA's educational offerings, as well as manages the content for Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital.

2017-2018 CEC Members


From left to right: Kai Ellis, ACP, CAS,CEDS; Kaila Glaros, ACP, FRP; Angela Oberle, ACP; Cheryl Nodarse, ACP; Jeanne Elliott, ACP, CEC Chair; Cassandra Oliver, ACP, NALA President; Vicki Kasper, ACP; Richard Hahn, ACP; June Brown, CP; Donna Donavant, ACP; Amy Johnson

Not Pictured: Eileen Mann, CP


The Professional Development Committee (PDC) provides monthly columns in Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital and leads NALA's leadership development content. 

2017 - 2018 PDC Members

Andrea A. Schultz, ACP; Dana G. Welcker, ACP; Carla Y. Dennis, CP; Kimberly A. Grabbe, ACP; Susan K. Lewis, CP; Barbara E. Mills, CP