NALA Committees

2020-2021 Committee Members

Certifying Board
Kimberly A.S. Brown, ACP (Chair); Cathy L. Davis, ACP; Jennifer Devine, ACP; Donna W. Gilliland, ACP; Kye W. Haymore, JD; Amy S. Hodgson, ACP; Jaye Koch, ACP; Tracy Landry, ACP; Nanci Lilja, ACP (Past Chair); Christine K. Lillo, ACP; Tracie L. Livesay, ACP; Shannon Moran Simler; Carl Morrison, ACP; Lisa M. Stone, ACP

Continuing Education Council (CEC)

  • Planning conference education sessions
  • Developing, coordinating, and facilitating continuing education programs and certification review courses
  • Producing Facts & Findings

Members: Lucinda L. Calhoun; Michelle D. Caracci; Melanie D. Hicks, ACP; Eva M. Merrell, ACP; Deborah M. Paul, CP (Chair); Laura B. Reaves, CP; Shannon C. Rezanina, ACP; Jackie A. Van Dyke, CP; Deana M. Waters, ACP; Caroline C. Wilkerson, CP

Ethics Chair
Korinne R. Morris, ACP

Professional Development Committee (PDC)

  • Maintain Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Maintain Model Standards and Guidelines for Utilization of Paralegals
  • Provide articles for Facts & Findings
  • Oversee the research and publishing of the National Utilization and Compensation Survey
  • Keeping up to date on activities affecting the paralegal profession
  • Oversee the development of professional development courses

Members: Kristine Custodio Suero, ACP; Carla Y. Dennis, CP (Past Chair); Jennifer R. Finch, ACP; Kaila L. Glaros, ACP; Melissa Klimpel, ACP (Chair); Airolyn T. Loggins, ACP; Korinne R. Morris, ACP (Ethics Chair); Barbara E. Mills, ACP; Cindy Schmit, ACP