NALA Committees

The Certifying Board is responsible for administrative rules and regulations of the CP program.

2016-2017 Certifying Board Members

Back row left to right: Richard Zapala (deceased), Tom Pokladowski, Esq., Donna Gilliland, ACP, Cathy Davis, ACP, Lisa Stone, ACP, Nanci Lilja, ACP, Bradley Beehler, Esq., Jeffery Rubel, J.D., MPA

Front row left to right: Amy Hodgson, ACP, Georgia Seeley, ACP, Jaye Koch, ACP, Elizabeth Mann, J.D., Stacey Bowers, J.D., Ph.D., Christine Lillo, ACP, Deidra Kirtley, Cathy Hulsey, ACP

Not Pictured: Kimberly Brown, ACP, Kathy Miller, ACP, CAS

The Continuing Education Council (CEC) leads NALA's educational offerings, as well as manages the content for Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital.

2016-2017 CEC Members

Back row left to right: Toya Walker, Cheryl Nodarse, ACP, Jeanne Elliott, ACP, June Brown, CP, Cassandra Oliver, ACP, Greta Zeimetz, CAE, Nancy Jordahl, ACP

Front row left to right: Heidi Mares, ACP, CAS, Kai Ellis, ACP, CAS, CEDS, Vicki Kasper, ACP, Kristine Cutodio, ACP, Amy Johnson

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) provides monthly columns in Facts & Findings and Facts & Findings Digital and leads NALA's leadership development content.

2016 - 2017 PDC Members

Back row left to right: Janet Betancourt, CP, Jeanie Johnson, ACP, Jillian Sherman, ACP, Greta Zeimetz, CAE

Front row left to right: Andrea Schultz, CP, Kimberly Grabbe, ACP, FRP, Carla Dennis, CP, Dana Welcker, ACP, FRP, Melanie Hicks, CP