Founders' Award


To recognize extraordinary or outstanding contributions to the growth and future of the paralegal profession which impacted or affected the paralegal profession in a positive manner for a significant period of time.

Award Benefits Include:

  • Recognition during Annual Membership Meeting at Conference
  • Travel expenses paid by NALA - per diem (2 days), 1-night hotel, round-trip coach airfare, and Day 1¬†registration fee

Eligibility for Nomination
Individual or organization. Does not have to be a NALA member. (Current NALA board of directors and committee members are not eligible)

Criteria for Selection
Must have played a significant part in creating, developing and/or promoting an important and distinctive writing or program which positively impacted the paralegal profession nationwide for not less than 3 years. Former recipients include past presidents, law firms that have supported the paralegal profession, and long-time NALA staff members.

Who can nominate?
NALA Active type member in good standing

Nomination Deadline
April 1


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