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To check on someone's certified status, enter the information below. The results will display the person's name, city/state, and certified status as of the update date listed below.

You may also search by Advanced Paralegal Certification (APC) status.

Remember, if a person's name does not appear or the information does not match the information you have, there could be several reasons. It is best to follow up by calling NALA Headquarters (918-587-6828) or asking the paralegal for additional information.

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Advanced Paralegal Certification
Practice Area

Advanced Paralegal Certification in 26 practice areas is available to Certified Paralegals. For a complete list of certifications available, click here. To search for a paralegal with the ACP credential, simply enter part of the name of the practice area in the field above.

Date of Last Update: 12/8/2017